Saturday, April 24, 2010


sorry you guys aren't allowed to see my boobies.

im tired. anxious. what is this.
i swear this sweater makes me look fatter than i already am! ]:

Friday, April 23, 2010

image galore!!

circle lenses are starting to irritate my eyes, i should stop wearing them.
i was about to go shopping with my mom to hong kong city market!
i decided to take a quick - pic.

as days past, i dont know what else i feel for you. im still thinking if it is negative or positive, or just in between. but i say this now, what i do feel for you is nice. when you say my name, its nice -- i feel butterflies or a type of gut-hugging sensation. its wow!

i just wish you knew. i wish you would tell me how you felt. i want to know. i dont want to regret anything anymore. no, i have done that too much. but with you, no, i dont want to loose this opportunity.

i wish i wish~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekends here

finallly i have been dying!
I went to a resturaunt today, great time. I thought the light looked neat here see how it sort of flares?
i also took one of those 'creative' pictures. i was being inspired.

i was lazy to wear any makeup so i only wore eyeliner for the basic.

homework homework homework!

im waiting for matthew to get on. that fooker.
ill see you guys later.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i am utterly tired.

Matthew cannot make me any more happy. well he can but he made my day along with my "sisters".

I have been working on homework im slacking off too much,
so i wont be on during weekdays. i might be on for about an hour but thats it.
im tired and needtofocus on my school work. you should understand correct?

i have replied to my formspring but it may take a while to come up.
i will be on aim so catch me there but im going to be on away alot.

hope you guys had a wonder full day~!


Annie. Joy. Cathy. Zanni.

Joy is faternal ROFL
Cathy is married to Levi. So she is part of the family.
Diana will have alot of in laws.

Sunday, April 18, 2010



Cyanide and Happiness!


I camwhored again today

the glasses arent real. ]:
i popped in my circle lenses and dressed up.

Tremors hit me again. but! i do like how my eyes are funny looking.

i also tried on some new lenses

I like black and white leave me alone LOL.
today started out well! apparently i fail at being chinese HAHA so diana says. F U F U.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tumblr is great today

I fucking love my sweet thang. aka MATTHEWWWWW<33
i swear, hes like my tumblr crush now LOL.
i have a nice name for kain it's cuddle bear
and for brandy its SUPER SEXY HUNEY BUNCH or SSHB.

i love giving out nicknames to friends.

Some recent pictures

these are some, the rest will be on tumblr later!
this is only a sneak.

This was in my ghetto school, obviously!
i wrote down my url again just incase people STILL don't trust me~

isn'tit cool how i took a picture in school? hehe the teacher didn't notice a thing.

this was about yesterday?

the rest are on facebook! add me!!/profile.php?id=100000960703808


i have been planning on making aim, and which i have not done yet LOL
im sorry, but ill get to it someday!

but as of now, i haven't been updating anyone with my pictures, so there will be a mini spam!
i have officially worn makeup and circle lenses.
my hair is still whack though!

get ready! ^__^

mucho love<33

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You need to gtfo.

don't steal my backgrounds that i made for myself.
don't steal images i created.
don't fucking COPY my layout and shit.

wth? can't you be creative yourself with all the things you do?
damn, you're stupid.

yeah im being mean but when it comes to these type of shit i get very pissed.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Must think before they speak.
Including me

Saturday, April 10, 2010

note out!!

if you guys remember narsha mao.
she is a fake, yes.
the people she is reblogging are fake too.
why else would she reblog them from no where and their all pretty and the quality of the pictures are "wretch-like."
they all reblog each other, and they came out of no where.
i don't think it's just a coincident.

how do i know narsha mao is fake?
this is awkward but as i was surfing for a girl (tea, long long time ago) i came across her. so i am now oddly suspicious of her "friends"
i have been observing her. not in a stalker way, but she has not been on as often, and her new 'friends' appeared out of no where.

i am not sure about them, they're just oddly suspicious as said.

please don't think im holding a grudge or hate her, i just want her out of tumblr. whenever i see a fake, i feel bad for those who "like" them.
as for i know how it feels to 'betray' someone.
i don't like that.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I really like my scarf.

Stupid haters on tumblr

if its over the internet that's pointless. get over it. No ones want to hear that shit on here.
if it's your "used to be friend", then move on! You're being a bad friend too just by talking about them like that. saying shit about them to other people. that's horrible!
if you're one of those people who listen and believe, thats wrong. dont hate someone because your "friend" hates them too.

if it was me, i would've just said the alternative and back away. its their fight not yours.

you're being a very bad friend if they don't even know why or that you are, and if it's about someone move on or ignore them. write about them somewhere else.

im tired of reading all these post about that.
don't get butt hurt but really, just move the fuck on.
you're wasting your time hating someone over the internet.
im seeing this shit everywhere and i dislike reading hateful things.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Only reblogging on tumblr!

reblogging and posting up maybe portions of my life and pictures

Monday, April 5, 2010

No makeup

i am only wearing lenses. in the nude.
forgot to add!
i left my camera on the table and took the photo.
thanks those who suggested!

To those who don't know what Essential tremor is

Here is a definition

a progressive neurological disorder whose most recognizable feature is a tremor of the arms that is apparent during voluntary movements such as eating and writing. This type of tremor is often referred to as "kinetic tremor." The tremor may also occur in the head (neck), jaw and voice as well as other body regions, with the general pattern being that the tremor begins in the arms and then spreads to these other regions in selected patients. Women are more likely to develop the head tremor than are men. Other types of tremor may also occur, including postural tremor of the outstretched arms, intentional tremor of the arms and rest tremor in the arms. Some patients may have unsteadiness and problems with gait and balance that are above and beyond that due to normal aging

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ive heard news

that il be moving again within a couple days.
oh nice.
this means an actual fresh new start.
but making friends will be difficult /:

its okay though, ill think of someway.
this is infact my first time moving.

tell me, those who moved before, is it hard?
i haven't had the slightest feeling of it yet.

im also dying my hair a fuchsia color.
it'll turn out red - purply - brown.

ill be messing with my makeup today and circle lense.
good morning to everyone.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

im not a fake.

im not a fake.

my camera doesn't take "Text" images well. it only holds about 8 megapixels.

I went out with some of my buddies today

i decided to wear makeup like them too

click for a bigger image. im beggining to accept my face more, despite all the comments from people who made fun of my tremor, shortness and eyes.

i tried my bets not to shake, so i took it as quickly as i could.
it worked well.
i should do it more often

im growing out my hair

the images are terribly shaky though

as of now,

i want to stay away from this online world for a while.
im thinking about keeping it a distance, i will still be on, of course restarting.
but i want to give you guys a break from me.

if you have noticed, the way i type and talk has differ from before.
i dont usuall type like this, but as of now, this is how im typing.

i don't want to give out any more lies, im serious.
along with this, ill use my advantage of keeping a distance from the internet.
ill be focusing mor eon my studies like before, hoping to go into a good college.

i hope you guys understand me. im out of words about everything, i can not explain anymore. the memories must be left in the past -- for me atleast.

we shall start a new, yes?

hello, i am Zaneta Shou, Zanni is perfered.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Essential Tremor, the real me.

Essential Tremor is a nervous system disease that i apparently have
i devoloped it actually, and signs were shown to me a year and a couple months ago

almost 90% of my pictures are "shaky"
and i hated it.
It would either deform my face, because sometimes i have a sudden "jerking" movement, but with essential tremor, it's worse.
and i couldn't wear makeup until now.

i had very low self esteem through out my highschool life. I was very shy too.
older kdis would make fun of me because i was "asian" or because i was short.
I wasn't lying about being 5'1.

all of my friends wore makeup during then, they either began wearing makeup or they've been wearing it.
i was the only one, i swear to god, who haven't worn makeup.
so i felt terribly out of their league.
they would get dates, while i hope someday a guy would just come up to me and say hi.

i have to admit, i was very passive and kind.
i guess i still am.
i just wanted to "fit in" rather than do nothing.

so i resulted into online life.
it only started a couple months ago, when i was learning about myspace and IMVU.

everything changed for me. my self confidence went up a little, but not as much as i wanted.
i wanted more attention.
i wanted more spark.
i wanted to be liked and feel "popular".

i wanted to fit in.

a big mistake i made. looking through wretch albums, hoping to find a gorgeous girl who wouldnt be oddly suspicious either.

i found the perfect girl.
I found Tea.

i took her pictures, i started a new myspace, i met my first friend, gua, and then levi, and then more and more.
people said i look gorgeous.
it made me feel great.
i wanted more, i was unexecptionally greedy.

tumblr was the next target.
i made great friends.
then, i didnt want to loose them
but what were they for?
were they here for looks?
Then somone had an crush on me.
how did i react? what was i supposed to say?
i liked him too. i didn't want to hurt him.
i was beggining to resent what i did.
i was beggining to feel lonley again, knowing most of them came for the looks, the looks i will never achieve.

months past by, i began logging on less and less.
i didn't want to continue.
i wanted it to end.
then narsha mao came.

who was she?
everyone thought she was me.

she wasn't.
but she is a fake.
i've seen her on wretch when surfing for Tea.
how come i didn't reveal her?
i wanted her to feel the pain.
but at the same time, she was probably feeling how i felt.
unloved by looks.

i gave her a few lucky months.
until, i decided to rat her out along with me.
people already suspected, so why not.

she'll endure great pain when people find her, so i gave her a lucky free be.
yes she is fake, but she isn't me.
if she was me, i would've quited tumblr by now as me.

the first

I have essential tremor. it means my hand "shakes" whenever i move or do things.
this was one of the only decent pics i have, and my frist time using "makeup" or false eyelashes.

I don't want to be bad

I don't want to be bad.
I don't want to be someone people will hate.
I'm still terribly sorry.

ty levi

I like my layout its good


i've been busy with school.
I'm going to be moving in a couple months, my dad got a new job.


i thought making a blogspot would be nice
I heard theres more privacy~